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Higgins Ag

Higgins Ag

Higgins Ag is one of the leading Design/Manufacture/Build companies in the United States for all things crop production related. We take pride in being one of few companies that provide services every step of the way. From design through crop production, we’re committed to helping you achieve your goal.


Why Choose Higgins Ag?

The Higgins Ag team is a group of experienced engineers, designers, growers, manufacturers and construction professionals. We can confidently educate & answer any question an owner, manager, grower, or investor may have about a project. Higgins Ag's goal is not to simply provide a product or service, but to educate and empower customers to achieve maximum success.

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Dosatron USA

Dosatron injectors feature superior engineering to create the most durable, easy-to-use, low-maintenance product on the market. We manage our customers’ chemical application through repeatability, regardless of fluctuations in pressure or flow. We also support our users every step of the way with world-class customer service. Trust only genuine Dosatron products.


Submit your info to have an industry professional contact you, visit our online shop for your immediate needs, or call us now at 833-425-7036.

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